In The Box

Each month we’ll send you 3 x 30g packs of wonderfully unusual teas. We don’t reveal what flavours we’re sending - we like to maintain a little mystery! We’ll also send you some brewing instructions and a little background information on this month’s teas. We want to make sure you enjoy the tea - so be sure to follow the instructions as well as you can!

Our teas can all be re-infused and in fact we encourage it! We don’t want you to run out of tea mid-month and so we are generous with our servings - our monthly box provides enough tea for 45-60 cups per month, depending on your strength preference.

All of our quality teas are loose-leaf, so we’ll send you an infuser with your first box. That way, you can start tasting the teas as soon as they arrive! Hurrah!


Postage Costs

We cover the cost of postage within the UK. We currently offer standardised international shipping at an extra cost of £4 per month.


Quality & Sustainability

We use suppliers who share our passion for taste and new experiences. We only work with reputable suppliers who have assured us of their commitment to sustainability and high quality. 


Direct Debit Billing

If you sign up for our 1 month rolling subscription, we’ll take the first payment through our checkout as with our other products, then we’ll email you and you’ll be asked to complete a Debit Debit instruction so that we can process your monthly payment without pestering you!

If you sign up for any of our fixed term subscriptions we'll email you and you'll be asked to complete a Direct Debit instruction. If you do, your subscription will revert to a rolling monthly subscription as soon as your other subscription has finished.

We’ll take payment on or around the the 3rd of each month.


Your First Box

If you place your order before the 3rd of the month, you will receive your first box on or around the 25th of that month. If you order after the 3rd, you won’t receive that month’s box - instead deliveries will commence the following month. 

This is because we use the freshest teas, and therefore we only accept tea from our suppliers in the few weeks before we hand-pack your boxes.



Your T-OLOGY box should arrive on or around the 25th of each month. Our boxes are designed to fit into a standard sized letterbox (Royal Mail ‘Large Letter’ size) and don’t require a signature.


Allergy Information

Regrettably we’re not able to guarantee that our teas are free from nuts, dairy, gluten or other allergens. This is due to the nature in which they are picked, blended and packed, and the fact that some teas include these ingredients in the blends. We clearly label all ingredients in our teas to help you make an informed decision as to whether our teas are safe and suitable for you should you suffer from allergies.



T-OLOGY strives to provide exceptional customer service and the perfect experience with each and every order. If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please get in touch with the T-OLOGY team via our contact us page or email us at


Cancelling a Rolling Subscription

If you no longer wish to receive your monthly box of tea, simply let us know via our ‘contact us’ page or email us at Depending on the date of your cancellation and whether the direct debit has already been processed for the month, you may still receive a further box of tea - either way, we’ll let you know in your cancellation confirmation email.