T-OLOGY Loose Leaf Tea Chocolate Orange

about t-ology

T-OLOGY are purveyors of exquisite and elegant hand-blended teas. We’re hot-beverage innovators who select and design teas that surprise and delight our taste buds and then share them with you every month.


Quite simply, we exist for adventure and that thirst for new experiences is what fuels us. 

We’re passionate about innovation and happen to love tea. We seek out the best blends because we know we deserve to taste them! We dare to aspire to something better than ordinary and we want to share what we discover.

We love to learn through experimentation as that’s where the MAGIC happens!

Whilst we’re fiercely protective of the trusty old English Breakfast tea, we recognise that sometimes you just need to try something new.


We believe good things result from a willingness to experiment and explore, which is why we’ve worked closely with our network of tea experts to develop creative menu selections. We’re inspired by our experiences to create the most unforgettable blends and we won’t settle for anything less than excellence.